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Menlo Park, California


Sex with my husband hadn’t felt the same in the last 10 years, ever since the birth of our two daughters. My libido was just not there. I knew that it was me, but it wasn’t mental. After taking ArginMax, on about the 18th day, all of a sudden I felt this tingling. I knew something was up. I wanted to have sex! He came home that evening and it was great! Since that day, my body has felt totally different. For the first week, we were having sex 2 or 3 times a day! I let the dishes pile up now. Life is fun again. And my husband is very happy.


Phoenix, Arizona


At age 54 my energy levels just aren’t as high anymore. For some reason, this product gives me that extra boost which keeps me going strong throughout my day. And as for my sexual desire, it’s pretty simple. I’m more sexually aroused and I’m enjoying sex more.

Samatha, age 31

Chicago, Illinois


After my baby was born my sexual appetite just disappeared. I started to worry about having no libido for the rest of my life! When I found out about this supplement I really didn’t think it would make any difference. But it surely did! My husband and I cannot believe the changes in my libido on ArginMax. It made such a difference for me that he started taking it! I want all women to know about this secret. It’s done wonders for our marriage.

Edith, age 46

Atlanta, Georgia


I work an eight hour day and come home to manage a household of four children. After a stressful day at the office and the kids pulling me in every direction, I was just too tired for sex, until I saw ArginMax on the news and tried it. Let’s just say things changed. They definitely changed.

Thomas Y. Ito, MD, Urologist


We feel these are critical ingredients (ArginMax for Men)… chosen based on extensive research. About 35 clinical papers back up the ingredients. Research results for ArginMax for Men have been presented at regional meetings of the American Urological Association.

Jim H.

Los Angeles, California


My biking time improved and I wasn’t even training. I couldn’t figure out why. Then my wife pointed out to me that maybe it was because I was taking ArginMax. I have more vigor, and that extended to sexual performance and satisfaction. It was not a change from poor to better, but from good to great.

Steve G.

Los Gatos, California


Sex is like money – can there ever be too much? Can it ever be too good? With ArginMax my overall energy and stamina have been enhanced. I take it in the morning in my health shake and in the afternoon before I work out. I’m 49 years old and plan to keep taking it. It’s all about incorporating it into your lifestyle. And, ordering it on the web is so effortless, I order it by the case. As a fire captain it’s important to be both both mentally and physically fit. I’m 49 years old and can keep up with the best of them. I’ve noticed that with ArginMax I have the extra boost I need to keep me performing at my best. I think the younger guys at the station wonder what my secret is.

T. Ito, K. Kawahara, A. Das, W. S

Hawaii Medical Journal, December 1998


With ArginMax, “88.9% improved in ability to maintain erection during sexual intercourse and 75.0% improved in satisfaction with their overall sex life. No significant side effects were noted.

Stanley T.

Honolulu, Hawaii


ArginMax has brought back the spontaneity to my love life. I am able to maintain my erections much longer thus bringing back lost confidence. I am stimulated easier and my orgasms are now much more pronounced.

Lanai Boy, Hawaii’s #1 DeeJay

Lanai, Hawaii


Not only has ArginMax helped with getting the vitamins that I need everyday but also with bringing up my metabolism and a much stronger sexual drive.

Bienvenido T.

Manila, Philippines


I’m 75 years old, but I still swim 600 meters per day and play two rounds of golf. I found that my swimming time improved from 38 minutes to 30 minutes, and my golf game has improved by 20-30 yards. Also, I haven’t caught a cold since I started taking this stuff.

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