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About ArginMax


The Daily Wellness Company is the premier next-generation healthcare company dedicated to improving wellness through quality of life. While traditional pharmaceutical companies focus on the development of drugs designed to treat disease, The Daily Wellness Company creates natural products that revolutionize the way people enhance their health and wellness on a daily basis.


Our goal is to make healthy living not just a desirable experience, but a pleasurable one as well. At The Daily Wellness Company, we are committed to creating well-researched products that have proven results and contain quality ingredients.


We scientifically research each of the ingredients that make up a product, as well as substantiate the formula itself through double-blind, placebo controlled studies. Located in Honolulu, The Daily Wellness Company has collaborations with researchers across the west coast at Stanford University, Veterans Administration Medical Centers, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.


The Daily Wellness Company has high standards for manufacturing, as well. We guarantee you that our supplements contain the amounts of active, standardized ingredients that we print on the labels.

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